Blue Transitions

by Sol Patches

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released May 31, 2018


all rights reserved



Sol Patches Chicago, Illinois

1997 They/Them, Gender-Abolitionist. Sol Patches born and raised on south side and north side of Chicago.

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Track Name: Transatlantic Transitions w/ Chaski
Blue Transition

Make me whole
Keep my lows
Is all I know
Mother knows
Feel me up
I’ve got you inside of me too

This is a blue

This is a blue

This is a blue

Cut like
Apple slices
Rotten forgotten
And smothered to be other
Did I utter utter

This that violence against
Vibrance in its Faggotness
Slithering to be venom
I’ve been here alllbefore
Topia on topia
Dis shit
Got me panning
African don’t vanish
Transatlantic transition
I think that I got the condition
My body keeps escaping my conscious rhythm
Track Name: Queeroisity
I would like to hear your song

You played it once and kissed my tongue

You left me young
And now your old
Just a story to be told

All for one
your on your own

Thankful we were once in this space
Now times its time to leave Plane

What a queering way to live

I don’t lose when your in control
I don’t lose when I’m on own. 2X
Track Name: Hemphil, Duckett & Jones
Sacred souls all around the world
Paper gods got pawns of gold

Black berries that they was
trying to grow

Low life in a hand of hope
Track Name: Octavia St. Laurent
Learned allot
Learned allot
From the darkness
broken hearts
broken hearts
I aint made rich
Mother told me that I had to be patient
but Grandpa just become a patient
Cancer grew it took his liver
Drowned my thought in all this liquor
Thankyou my gods I’m still that nigger
Waves don’t change it only gets thicker

Run through my blood
live through my hood
Burnt all my blunts
I Ate some tabs
Robert moaplethorth
Im capturing and mixing
All my pain for this one
Had a lover die before
Had a lover punch my face
16 shots
my city cover up
When its black thought is around

I'm capturing and mixing all my pain this one
Had a lover die before
Had a lover punch my faces
Waves don't change
but ahh
Its a healing
Its a healing
Its a healing
Its a healing

Octavia St. Laurent

Come feel this heart
I’ll tell you stories
I came from chi-town
I was a faggot
I’m still a faggot
Its a habit
I can’t live without it
Essex in me
Lead me
Octavia hold me
My Audre’ knows me
that Kings don’t scare me
Mark my luthers
I hail from futures
Lost in Reagans
I am mistaken when the world is waking
Tell my kids that we are all we got.
Member when I use to dress reckless
I told Chance
I got tha best message
Before happy sloppy fag offending
Its pretending
These days I don’t even fuck with money
Cause these days I don’t even love my heroes
Enabling my friends to relapse
on Heroine
Cause we need better men
But y’all won’t settle in
queer is so distance
Our bodies keep piling
Our bodies keep shouting
We’re supposed to be related
Track Name: Foucauldian Metropolis
(MLK Sample)

Perfect in common sense
Perfecting the scholarship
Erecting a patriarch
White mans Noah ark
This is holy War
Cis het advanced
They putting me demand

City monopoly
Slaving me properly
Drinking hypocrisy
And y’all follow niggas me
They claiming I’m changing
But I’m making arrangements
got a flight for a Monday
my wings flock with the lonely
my city built to go kill me
I got pd in the corners
Trying Eric Gardner us
and destroy us
City metropolis
Aim for the artifice
Proclaiming anonymous
Disguised by the same dude who politic

If this is what artist is?
a Civilized mutilation
How can I part with this

Supermen onto me
Criminal critical
A riddle of interludes
Sampling magnitudes
Ecompossing latitudes
Past life nigga
Get yo ass slice nigga
They got bodies in streets
Aint nobody in the streets
When policemen get they fix
blacks catching bodies
But before they hang

I wonder were we are
When the blood is on the floor
Begging me for more
Draining on my soul
Banking on my goals

(Sylvia Ray Rivera Stone Wall sample)
Track Name: The Purple One w/ Richard Album
Your a forrest not a grave
Theres a change your wav
Your shade has left
Colors on my chest

One in one is the only One
One in one is the only One
On and on

Pressures in the waves
Spent in the summer in dream

Your a forrest not a grave

I’ll December your face
But ya don’t don’t ever get me

No ya don’t don’t ever get me

One in one is the only One
One in one is the only One
Track Name: Return the Television
As your body
Your no man nor woman
Your the soft possibilities.
You felt a harsh kind of warmth

Nor the pain has numbed
Your voice
Of course
Take your lonely loans

Return the television.
Return the television.

(Santa Cruz sample
Track Name: Cisterman
He can dance
For some hands
At the mantle
For some bands
in the fire
Is it is slow mo?
Cold feet on he’s on e
He has no soul

Told meeee not to switch hips

And so I switched my hips

And so I switched my hips

And turned around

All is lost until he’s gone

Utopia but elighqment’s waiting
Track Name: Audre Lorde Speaks
(Audre Lorde Sample)

The way I move
The way I live
Hard to give
Hard to give
When its all ya got

My consciousness
Lost its friends
When you born again
In this black fire
Bornin ing

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