As2Water Hurricanes

by SolPatches

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As2 Water Hurricanes, is not just about surviving abusive or conflicting relationships. Is not just about having the guts to come out as a trans person while taking in all the violence being done upon your body everyday. Is not just about processing the loss of Cabrini Green and other places I considered home. It is not about asking this world to accept me, but rather existing and having the world catch up to me. It is remembering Rekia, Working with LetUsBreathe Collective, traveling to Detroit, leaving for New York, growing up with Ricardo Gamboa and The Young Fugitives, forming the Da Projekts, dedicating my time into Free Street, branching out from Free Street, meeting all these wonderful folks who’d die for Liberation, partying for freedom, navigating space and creating spaces. It is the music I needed two years ago when my home was destroyed, and my mom would pawn her own personal items for me to make it to rehearsals and school. It is her keeping faith, it is losing a child, it is lay offs and it is the greatness she has seen in her kids. I wanted to feel like air when I was in New York last summer talking to Jack, my roommate, who kept me balanced. But I was always shaking, not knowing what to plan for, not knowing where to go.

"Hurricanes have no fronts.
Hurricane winds weaken with height
The centers of hurricanes are warmer than their surroundings
Hurricanes and tropical systems form under weak high-altitude winds.
Air sinks at the center of a hurricane
Hurricanes' main energy source is the latent heat of condensation
Hurricanes weaken rapidly over land”

Sounds a lot like me. Here we go




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Sol Patches Chicago, Illinois

1997 They/Them, Gender Abolitionist, Sol Patches was born and raised on south side and north side of Chicago. They are heavily influenced by Chicago's queer latin@ and black femme culture through their theater and poetry involvement.

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